Can Insomnia Ruin Your Sexual Function

Can Insomnia Ruin Your Sexual
Health researchers have long
known that anxiety, stress, and
depression can cause insomnia,
and that they can independently
cause sexual dysfunction, but
what happens when these
psychological problems are
excluded from the analysis?
Would insomnia and sexual dysfunction be found to be related?
That is what a new study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic
Research wanted to find out, and the answer really sheds a new light on
this issue.
They recruited 703 American adults through Mechanical Turk, the
online crowd-sourcing platform, and gave them a series of
questionnaires to complete.
The questionnaires included The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, the
Insomnia Severity Index, the International Index of Erectile Function,
the Female Sexual Function Index, the Perceived Stress Scale, the
Patient Health Questionnaire, and the General Anxiety Disorder scale.
With all this information available, they found that insomnia severity
was definitely related to sexual function, and it was found that the
worse the case of insomnia, the worse the sexual dysfunction.
Even when they excluded depression, anxiety, and perceived stress as
possible influencing factors, the relationship remained.
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