Causal Circle of Insomnia

Causal Circle of Insomnia
You wake up in the night from a
nightmare and cannot fall asleep
Therefore, after some twisting and
turning, you go to the fridge and
grab a snack. You still cannot sleep.
In the morning, you feel wasted,
anxious and even depressed. In addition, it is no wondering what.
However, what if this was all the reverse?
In a new study, Korean researchers decided to investigate whether
people with anxiety or depression are more likely to have nightmares
than the general population.
After all, if we can identify the cause of the nightmares, we can stop the
nightmares, the night eating, and the insomnia.
They recruited 171 female undergraduate students with an average age
of 21.7.
They gave them a barrage of questionnaires to complete, including the
Disturbing Dream and Nightmare Severity Index, the Night Eating
Questionnaire, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and the
Insomnia Severity Index.
Once they had all this information available, they were able to crunch
the numbers.
As expected, they found that participants with the most severe
nightmares were the most likely to suffer from night eating syndrome,
insomnia, anxiety, and depression.
They did earth the direction of these relationships, as they were
probably bidirectional in most cases.
For example, anxiety brings about nightmares, but nightmares can also
create subsequent anxiety that, according to one of the studies
reviewed, can last for three days.
Similarly, nightmares can cause insomnia, as you are too disturbed to
go back to sleep. However, insomnia can also produce the feeling that
you are having many nightmares, because if you wake up after every
dream, you are more likely to remember them, including the scary
When they took insomnia out of the picture, they discovered that the
girls who experienced the highest levels of anxiety were the most likely
to have nightmares and have night eating syndrome. Depression was
not relevant when insomnia was excluded.
This means that we can open the door to addressing these three
conditions by removing anxiety: insomnia, nightmares, and night
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