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These 7 Foods Eliminate Migraine and Headache (#7 will surprise you)

These 7 Foods Eliminate Migraine and
Headache (#7 will surprise you)
Recent studies have disclosed food types that cause migraine and
headache. However, there are also foods that soothe, or even prevent,
migraine and other headaches permanently.
In today’s article, I am going to tell you about seven powerful types of food
to get rid of headaches.
1) Milk and other Dairy products
Dehydration is one of the main causes of headaches. So replacing alcohol
and drinks high in sodium (like sodas) with milk is ideal. It is also loaded
with great minerals like calcium and potassium, which counteract the
dehydration effects of a high sodium diet. Recent research has also shown
that increasing dairy consumption can improve migraine frequency.
2) Salmon
Studies have shown that people who consume lots of vitamin B, especially
B6 and B12, have fewer headaches. One serving of salmon includes over
250% of the B12 we need. It is also loaded with Omega-3, which reduces
inflammation that causes migraine.
3) Cantaloupe
Lots of water and potassium in cantaloupe counteract the dehydration that
often causes headaches. It’s also loaded with magnesium. However, most
importantly, it helps stabilize blood sugar level, which is great headache
4) Navy Beans
Low magnesium is considered one of the major causes of headaches. Just
one serving of these beans includes 25% of the magnesium you need. To
load up on magnesium, also include apricots, bananas, avocados,
almonds, and spinach.
5) Potatoes
We have said it before and say it again; potassium is essential if you have
frequent migraines and headaches. One big potato has 25% of the
potassium you need. It is also loaded with vitamins A, C, and B.
6) Water
We started out saying dehydration is one of the main causes of migraine
and frequent headaches. It should, therefore be understood that drinking
water is essential to prevent headache attacks.
7) Oxygen
One of the reasons not becoming dehydrated is so important to prevent
migraine and headaches is that the real cause of almost all migraine and
headache attacks is a lack of oxygen in the brain. Dehydration leads to
reduced blood flow, which leads to less oxygen delivery.
However, it is also important to load your body with enough oxygen in the
first place. Obviously, the way to do this is through breathing effectively.
However, it is not enough to take a few deep breaths. You must train your
body to breathe effectively 24/7. Otherwise, for a large part of the day and
night, you will not be getting enough oxygen. That can lead to a headache
or migraine attack in a few hours.
I have developed a set of simple exercises that train your body to take in
enough oxygen automatically. This takes a few minutes per day in the
beginning but after that, everything is on an autopilot. In addition, you will
never suffer another migraine attack again.
Learn more about these simple migraine and headache exercises and
try them out for yourself, here…