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Vertigo and Migraines Healed Using These Easy Exercises

Vertigo and Migraines Healed Using
These Easy Exercises
Many studies have established that specific exercises (explained below)
are effective at reducing migraine attacks and migraine symptoms.
This prompted a group of researchers to investigate whether these
exercises could also be used to treat vertigo, which is often caused by
Their study was published in the journal Revue Neurologique.
Since migraine sufferers often do not want to do strenuous cardio exercise,
the researchers decided to test resistance exercise, which is basically
weight training or training with elastic bands.
Between 2017 and 2019, the team recruited 312 vestibular migraine
patients who had had their conditions diagnosed by MRI scans and audiovestibular assessments.
The participants were divided into two groups: a resistance exercise group
and a relaxation group. Both groups received treatment twice a week for 12
weeks and were allowed to perform their respective interventions during
their private time.
The researchers assessed their conditions after two months and again after
four months, using a variety of tools:
The Dizziness Handicap Inventory.
The Vertigo Severity Scale.
The Beck Anxiety Inventory.
The Beck Depression Inventory.
Blood tests to test the blood concentrations of pro-inflammatory
cytokines like tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma.
After two months, they found an improvement in both groups, with better
results in the resistance group. After four months, this improvement was
much larger.
The participants improved on every single measurement tool listed above,
proving that resistance exercise can reduce the number of migraine
attacks, attenuate migraine symptoms, reduce dizziness, and even treat
secondary symptoms like depression and anxiety.
As good as resistant exercises are for vertigo, here are some simpler,
easier, and more effective exercise to eliminate vertigo in as little as
15 minutes…
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