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Strange Sleep Apnea And Migraine Connection

Strange Sleep Apnea and Migraine
A new study presented at the Congress of the European Academy of
Neurology 2017 in Amsterdam demonstrates that people who suffer from
migraine are more likely than the general population to suffer sleep apnea.
However, why is that? In addition, what can you do to cure both conditions
in one blow? (Alternatively, each individually if you are “lucky enough” to
suffer only one.)
Researchers recruited 12,810 participants online who had participated in
the previously conducted Chronic Migraine Epidemiology and Outcomes
(CaMEO) study.
They asked them about their migraines, their sleep habits and physician
diagnosed conditions from which they suffered.
Those who suffered from migraine more than 15 days a month were
labeled as chronic migraine sufferers, compared with those who suffered
fewer days who were labeled episodic sufferers.
35.6% of people with episodic migraine and 51.8% of those with chronic
migraine suffered sleep apnea.
Scientists have estimated that around 9% of the general population suffers
from sleep apnea, which means that the migraines sufferers are on
average approximately four times worse off.
The researchers speculated that the relationship between migraines and
sleep apnea was bidirectional, meaning that sleep apnea causes and is
caused by migraines (like a dog chasing its tail).
Many studies have also shown that one of the major triggers of
migraine is a lack of oxygen flowing up to and around the brain. In
fact, thousands of readers have used the simple technique found here
to cure their migraine by improving oxygen flow to the brain …