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Taizhou Shenghan Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Shenghan Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.
About us
Focus On Quality Since 2013
Huaxu Mould Co., Ltd.
was established in May
2013 and is located in
which is known as the
"Hometown of Moulds"
on the coast of the
beautiful East China Sea.
It is a mould manufacturer mainly for auto parts (domestic), daily
necessities and pipe fittings moulds (foreign).
The company uses the world's advanced CAD/CAE/CAM technology, and
combines many years of mold design and manufacturing experience to
ensure mold quality; the company has been operating in OEM form since
its establishment, and is the hero behind the Huangyan mold
manufacturing industry, providing a large number of local molds.
Manufacturing enterprises produce OEM; the company has more than
40 employees, most of whom have experience in mold enterprises in the
Pearl River Delta, with fine workmanship and excellent technology, and
are widely praised by customers.
The company manufactures auto interior parts, lights, auto bumpers and
other auto molds all year round, and exports more than 100 daily
necessities and pipe fitting molds.
Today, the company will serve our customers wholeheartedly with new
thinking, new ideas and new technologies. We warmly welcome
customers at home and abroad to visit us, and we would like to express
our gratitude to customers who have always supported and cared for our
Professional Production:
We adopt advanced technology at home and abroad, improve
production equipment and management system for the production of
Favourable Cost:
We are a factory and have our own sales department, which can
produce and sell directly, with significant cost advantages.
Quality Guarantee:
The advancement of technology, sophisticated equipment and
experienced staff provide a strong guarantee for the quality of our
Production Capacity:
We have complete production lines and large warehouses to ensure
uninterrupted supply of your products.
Customer Service:
We have a mature service system and patient and meticulous
professionals who can quickly complete repair and maintenance.
Convenient Transportation:
We are located in the coastal area, close to the port and airport,
and the export is very convenient and efficient.
To Serve You With Our Expertise
You say it and we make it
For Manufacturers & Processor:
Tube mould/Commodity mould/Auto parts
High quality CNC machining parts and Special Automation equipment.
For Wholesalers& Distributors:
Competitive pricing on bulk orders
The customers are different but Huaxu mould has one unique philosophy
to guide the latter to success.
For Project Contractors:
Produce custom parts with client-specific measurements
Hundreds of CNC precision tooling and molds diversify your marketing
Email:[email protected]
[email protected]
Add:No. 18, Shangxian Road, Development
Zone, Beicheng Street, Huangyan District,
Taizhou City, Zhejiang.