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Taizhou Huangyan Keshuo Mould Co., Ltd

Taizhou Huangyan Keshuo Mould Co., Ltd
Why choose us
Design And Development
Good molds should be given priority in several major directions:
1.Structure (large direction): the product itself determines
(undergraduate selection), three-sided two-state strength, process
(processing, assembly, injection molding);;
2.Gate: pouring system (range ratio), affecting the appearance and
internal quality of the product, affecting the process parameters (to be
wide) when adjusting the machine;;
3.Waterway: mold temperature control system, affecting product quality,
molding efficiency, mold life;;
4. Performance: reference acquisition, positioning and clamping, motion
principle, balance principle, maintenance, failure analysis, etc.
Manufacturing Capacity
Advanced equipment is the cornerstone for the production of quality
products. Keshuo molding always pays attention to the industry leading
position of production equipment and continuously introduces advanced
production and processing equipment. In order to provide comprehensive
and efficient services, the company has introduced advanced technology
and management concepts, thus achieving a series of services from mold
design, processing, testing to trial testing, greatly shortening the
customer's new product development cycle.
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