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JMT Commodity Mould Co., Ltd

Reliable Commodity Mould
core business strategy is to provide a
one-stop mould solution service, which includes mould components,
mechanical design, mould design, mould manufacturing, plastic
component manufacturing and secondary processing services. Also,
JMT has invested the time and effort to be awarded the IATF
16949:2016 and ISO -001-2015 Quality Certification.
has grown into an excellent mould
manufacturer with a strong engineering team. Engineering work
includes not only mold design, but also mold feasibility, mold flow,
product design expertise and prototyping services. These allow more
efficient mould strategies to be developed for our customers, ensuring
the success of each project.
No.188, Hequ Road, Chengjiang, Huangyan, Taizhou,
Zhejiang, China
Yearnie: +86-18158622819
Ann: +86-18057610332
[email protected]