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Suzhou RAPID Precision Mould Co., Ltd

Suzhou RAPID Precision Mould Co., Ltd
Suzhou RAPID Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is an enterprise
dedicated to design and manufacture new type of precision fast
cycle mould which was widely used in medical, , food & beverage
packaging, cosmetics packaging, automotive parts, bi-color
injection moulding. As a professional China Injection Mould
Manufacturers and China Injection Mould Factory, we focus on
developing high-quality products for top-end markets. With
more than 30 years' experience in the industry, we innovate to
manufacturing one batch of plastic injection moulds with high
quality, high difficulty, high efficiency, multicavity and
long life for our customers. Our products are in line with
international standards, and are mainly exported to Europe,
America, Russia and other destinations around the world.
Cap & closure mould Manufacturers
We have designed and made moulds for almost all types of plastic
caps and closures, so we have very rich experience in mould
making. The main types of caps and closures which we have made
are quick-running jumped-off caps (with or without tamper
evident), unscrewed closures with quality thread, FT
closures (with IMC), childproof closures, disc top caps &
push-pull caps and so on.
Daily chemical & cosmetics packaging
mould Manufacturers
Our molds are widely used in daily chemical products packaging,
body care and cosmetic packaging and so on. Our cooperation
brands are P&G, Johnson & Johnson, L 'Oreal, Mary Kay, Avon,
Perea, etc. The products produced with our mold not only have
excellent polishing, but also have perfect fitting and
handfeel for each part.