About GPNX Group - ETEC Bento Quirino

Estágio em Desenvolvimento WEB de Alto Desempenho
(JAVA, MySQL, Amazon AWS, Linux)
About GPNX Group
The GPNX group ( www.gpnxgroup.com ) is global investment group providing unique products and
services for big data, web applications and marketing automation. Currently GPNX is managing more than
1M users for its customers in Brazil and it is growing fast.
The Opportunity
GPNX is looking for ambitious, creative, young professionals to start their career and help build the next
generation technology that will be used by the largest companies in Brazil and the world.
Working at GPNX, you will have:
A nice working environment
Highly competitive compensation
Flexible schedule
Hands on experience working with Amazon Webservices, Application Clusters, JAVA, Grails, Groovy,
MySQL, Linux and many other brand new technologies.
Collaborate with teams in, Canada, Chile, Russia and Vietnam and use tools like ASANA, ODESK and
Who should apply:
Talented professionals, having at least 20h/weekly available, who already know the basics of JAVA and Web
application development, understand technical English and want to have fun!
Para aplicar:
Envie para [email protected] as seguintes informações:
Quantas horas têm disponíveis por semana
Qual a pretensão para a bolsa-estágio
Descrição de um projeto, programa ou sistema, seja ele pessoal, acadêmico ou profissional que
teve orgulho em colaborar ou desenvolver.
Todos os profissionais poderão ser efetivados após o período de estágio
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