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Why Women Have Higher Heart Attack Risk After Menopause

Why Women Have Higher Heart Attack
Risk after Menopause
Scientists have long been baffled by the fact that women have a lower
risk of cardiovascular disease than men do before menopause, even
though they have a higher risk than men do after menopause.
Now, researchers from the University of Copenhagen may have solved
this riddle.
In addition, they point out one thing that every single woman must do
to save herself from stroke and heart attack. Do this right now before it
is too late.
The researchers recruited 17 women: 12 of them between ages, 59, 70,
and the other 5 between ages 21 and 28.
They took a biopsy from their thigh muscles to examine their muscle
tissue, the small blood vessels called capillaries in their muscles, and
some muscle proteins.
The seniors had fewer capillaries in their muscles and lower muscle
protein levels than the young participants did.
In the second part of the study, they put the seniors on an eight-week
spinning program, with three sessions per week at moderate to high
Before and after their training, the scientists measured several fitness
parameters and took another thigh muscle biopsy after the training to
compare with the first biopsy.
The postmenopausal women could not increase the number of
capillaries in their muscle tissue by anywhere near as much as had
previously been found in young women and men of all ages.
Despite this, their fitness did improve by 15 percent and the amount of
muscle proteins in their muscles increased.
Muscle tissue capillaries are important because they move sugar and
lipids into our muscles that would otherwise simply accumulate in fat
cells. They also help transport oxygen and nutrients to our muscles that
increase the productivity of our exercise programs.
This means that women should start exercising before and during
menopause to give them a head start on muscle function and muscle
capillaries when they enter menopause.
If you are a woman going through menopause, you will want to take
these simple steps to make the process easy and painless…
In addition, regardless of your gender, you will want to protect
yourself from stroke and heart attack by cutting out this ONE
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