When Rushing Menopause Causes Death

When Rushing Menopause Causes
Periods are great, said no woman in history ever!
The truth is quite different. So many women get sick of that time of the
month and/or taking the contraceptive pill, leading them to take drastic
measures – the surgical removal of their ovaries being the most severe.
However, according to new research from the American Heart
Association’s Scientific Sessions, they are putting themselves at serious
risk by doing so, which could potentially result in their premature
Researchers have recently discovered a link between premature forced
menopause and heart disease.
Scientists studied 144,000 postmenopausal women with the average
age of 60. The women had gone through menopause at different ages,
including women who went through early menopause before 40. It also
included women who had hastened their menopause by removing their
ovaries surgically before age 40.
The results were shocking.
They found that the earlier a woman went through menopause, the
more likely they were to develop heart disease, and related conditions
such as high blood pressure, high LDL (bad cholesterol), and type 2
Even with the exclusion of other possible heart disease risks, such as
unhealthy dieting, obesity, lack of physical exercise, and smoking,
women that went through early menopause were still more likely to
struggle with high cholesterol, blood clots, irregular heart beat (atrial
fibrillation), heart failure, and harmful alterations in the aortic valve.
Those women who artificially hastened their menopause by ovary
removal had an even higher risk.
Given these risks, it is all the more important for women who
experience an early menopause to adopt a healthy diet and regular
exercise program. In addition, the unnecessary hastening of
menopause through surgery to get rid of the nuisance of menstruation
is not worth it.
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