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How Gum Disease Causes Stroke and How to Prevent it

How Gum Disease Causes Stroke and
How to prevent it
Gum disease is not just a matter of tooth loss and smelly breath.
It also causes fatal strokes, as proved by a study in the Journal JACC:
Clinical Electrophysiology.
The scientists enrolled 76 patients in their study, all of whom
experienced atrial fibrillation (AF).
AF is a heart rhythm disorder that is defined by an irregular and
sometimes rapid heart rate. It is most often caused by atrial fibrosis,
which is the thickening and scarring of the upper chambers of the
Atrial fibrosis causes blood clots in your heart that can spread through
your body and brain. If this happens, you can suffer from blocked
arteries, heart attacks, and strokes.
AF is an equally big stroke risk. Our blood needs to keep moving;
otherwise, it tends to clot. A heart rhythm disorder like AF involves
small pauses in the pumping of blood from your heart, which allows
blood clots to be created.
Put simply: Atrial fibrosis is best avoided!
The researchers analyzed the amount of scarring (fibrosis) of their
subjects’ heart tissue.
They then performed an oral examination on all the heart patients to
see whether there was a relationship between gum disease and atrial
They discovered what they expected.
Bleeding on gum probing, pocket depth of more than four millimeters,
periodontal inflamed surface area, and tooth loss all ended up being
risk factors for atrial fibrosis and the AF heart rhythm disorder that
stemmed from it.
They identified the culprit behind heart tissue scarring that causes this
rhythm disorder.
Why does gum disease have this effect?
Your immune system uses inflammation to try to kill the bacteria in
your mouth.
When this low-grade inflammation is present for a very long period,
your immune system becomes too active and starts to dispatch
inflammatory chemicals throughout your body in a process scientists
call systemic inflammatory activation.
This same process enables gum disease to contribute to other
inflammatory conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and atherosclerosis.
Put simply: Gum disease causes stroke!
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