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HighFive5 ProgressTest1B

A. Read the text. (Lê o texto)
Hi! My name’s Peter and my surname’s
I’m 11 years old and I’m from Edinburgh,
in Scotland. I’m a student.
I have got a big family! My mother’s
name is Leslie. She’s 39 years old and
she’s a vet. My father’s name is Jerry.
He’s 41 years old and he’s an architect.
I have got a twin sister. Her name is Susan.
We live with our grandparents, Tom and
We are a happy family!
B. Tick () the correct option.
(Seleciona a opção certa.)
1. Peter is
a) eleven years old.
b) twelve years old.
3. Jerry is
a) a vet.
b) an architect.
2. Leslie and Jerry are his
a) cousins.
b) parents.
4. Susan is
a) eleven years old.
b) ten years old.
C. Complete the sentences about Peter. Use the words from the box.
(Completa as frases sobre o Peter. Usa as palavras da caixa.)
1. His surname is ___________________________________________________________.
2. His family is _____________________________________________________________.
3. He is a ___________________________________________________________________.
4. His mother is __________________________________________________ years old.
D. Match the questions and the answers. There is one example.
(Faz a ligação entre as perguntas e as respostas. Segue o exemplo.)
Where’s Peter from? 1. •
Is his mother a nurse? 2. •
How old is his father? 3. •
Who are Tom and Christine? 4. •
Are they happy? 5. •
• a) They are his grandparents.
• b) He’s forty-one years old.
• c) No, she isn’t.
• d) He’s from Edinburgh.
• e) Yes, they are.
E. Label the pictures with the correct job. Use the words from the box.
(Legenda as imagens com a profissão correta. Usa as palavras da caixa.)
football player
1. ___________________________
2. ___________________________
3. ___________________________
4. ___________________________
5. ___________________________
6. ___________________________
F. Complete the sentences with a / an / the / –. There is one example.
© ASA • High Five 5
(Completa as frases com a / an / the / –. Segue o exemplo.)
a singer.
1. Katy Perry is ____
2. John is _____ architect.
3. Cardiff is _____ capital of Wales.
4. Peter is from _____ Scotland.
5. Matt is _____ cook.
G. Complete the sentences. Use the question words from the box.
(Completa as frases. Usa as question words da caixa.)
1. _________________ is your name? My name’s Peter.
2. _________________ are they from? They’re from Ireland.
3. _________________ is she? She’s fifteen years old.
4. ________________ is his birthday? It’s on 10th July.
H. Tick () the correct possessive determiner. There is one example.
(Seleciona o possessive determiner correto. Segue o exemplo.)
1. He is my brother. ______ name is Ted.
a) Your
b) His
c) Her
2. She is a dentist. ______ name is Jackie.
a) My
b) Her
c) Our
3. I am a pilot. ______ name is Robert.
a) My
b) Your
c) His
4. They are my grandparents. ______ names are Chris and Susan.
a) My
b) Their
c) Your
5. We are twins. ______ names are Jim and Josh.
a) Its
b) My
c) Our
I. Look at the pictures and answer the questions.
(Observa as imagens e responde.)
1. He / pilot
Is he a pilot?
No, he _________________________________________________________________.
2. He / fisherman
Is _______________________________________________________________________?
Yes, he _________________________________________________________________.
© ASA • High Five 5
3. She / vet
J. Circle the correct option. There is one example.
(Rodeia a opção correta. Segue o exemplo.)
Hello! My name (1) is / are Alex and
I (2) am / is eleven years old. I (3) am / is
from Manchester.
I have got two brothers, Joey and Matt.
They (4) are / am six years old. They are
twins. My family (5) isn’t / aren’t very
big. My father (6) is / are a doctor and
my mother (7) is / are a police officer.
And you? How old (8) are / is you?
K. Answer the questions about YOU.
(Responde às perguntas sobre TI.)
1. What’s your name?
My name is ________________________________________.
2. What’s your surname?
My surname is ___________________________________.
3. How old are you?
I’m _____________________________________ years old.
4. When is your birthday?
My birthday is on ________________________________.
5. Where are you from?
I’m from _____________________________________________.
6. What’s your occupation?
I’m a __________________________________________________.