Personal Profile

Rui Estêvão
e: [email protected]
Technical Product Manager
Project Manager
m: +351 96 357 25 07
Personal Profile
I manage and develop a content and business process management product ﴾CMS & BPM﴿. I define
the product roadmap ﴾based on company strategy, market analysis and client input﴿ and write feature
specifications for product releases, working with multiple technical teams to develop solutions. I work
on agile/scrum methodology for software development, so I define tasks and their assignments, build
sprints and define milestones for product releases. Currently the product is used in about 50 different
clients all over the world.
I also manage tailor‐made projects for final clients in the five sets of processes of guiding a project,
from initiation, definition and planning, execution, performance control and monitoring until project
Personal Brand
Architecture, design and development software solutions
Digitization of business processes
Key Skills
Databases, SQL Server, T‐SQL
Web development
JS, jQuery, AJAX, JSON,
Windows Forms
Reporting Services
MS Project, Scrum, TFS
Mobile devices
Responsive HTML
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2002)
Microsoft Certifications
MCP ‐ Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (2003)
MCTS ‐ Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (2011)
MCSA ‐ Transition Your MCTS on SQL Server 2008 to MCSA: SQL Server 2012 (2014)
Trainer Experience
Microsoft Techdays
Speaker in ASP.NET AJAX: Optimizations and Framework Extensibility ﴾2008﴿
Scriptor Server Academy
Several training courses from 2007 until now. There are 2 kinds of actions: lectures and hands on labs
Work Experience
Project Manager at Viatecla Software
January 2013 ‐ Present
Budgeting proposals for clients and leads
Demonstrations, proposals presentation for leads/opportunities
Tailor‐made project management
Project definition, planning, execution, monitoring and closure
Project Management for both national and internacional clients.
‐ Vieira de Almeida, Direção Geral Território, Vortal, Publituris, AIP, Montra Gulbenkian Online,
Worldwide Consultant Intranet, Ezimute, Alicorp, Grupo Romero among others.
Technical Product Manager at Viatecla Software
January 2007 ‐ Present
Scriptor Server* development team manager
Definition of strategy and product features ‐ Roadmap & Releases
Architecture and design of high performance websites
Media, Travel, Institucional, Intranet, Extranet
Complex data model & software solutions design
Business processes definition and digitization
Interface with partner consulting companies
Implementation of solutions in HTML5 for mobile devices ﴾Android and iOS﴿
Participation in the development of 3 major traffic websites in Portugal:
‐ Jornal Record, Jornal Correio da Manhã, Jornal Público, developed with Scriptor Server product
Participation in the development of other solutions developed with Scriptor Server product in
Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Angola and all over Europe:
‐ REN, Santa Casa Misericordia Lisboa, BPI, Alicorp, Grupo Romero, former Acetrax now Sky online
video stores, Angola Sistema Monitorização Plano Nacional Portal, Direção Geral Território, Direcção
Geral das Autarquias Locais, Primetour, Panrotas, Jornal Ocasião, Jornal Oje, Jornal Expansão,
Optimus,, APDC, Montra Gulbenkian Online, Revista Activa, Revista Turbo, Casa da
Música, Netviagens, Ezimute among others.
* Scriptor Server ‐ Content and process management platform ﴾CMS & BPM﴿
Software developer at Viatecla Software
January 2005 ‐ December 2006
Software developer at Imagens Obrigatórias
July 2003 ‐ December 2004
Stock Photos Web application: tool for photographers, illustrators, painters and archaeologists can
expose their work on the Internet.
Quality Certification application: support those associated with the ISO9001 quality certification
Software developer at Inosat
September 2002 ‐ June 2003
Participation in Planning, Design and Development of software for objects and people tracking with
‐ desktop version and web version
Participation in Planning, Design and Development of the company's extranet
‐ Management of commercial, technical activity and company call center
Software developer at Vodafone
March 2002 ‐ August 2002
Planning, Designing and Developing a Web Application: The application manages the sales of
products marketed by YORN and their commission. This was divided into two distinct parts:
FrontOffice available on the internet, and BackOffice, only available internally to the company and
that allows the analysis of the data introduced daily.
Technology used:
Web server : WebLogic BEA
ORACLE database, PL/SQL
Java Server Pages ‐ JSP
Enterprise Java Beans – EJB, Java
HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Personal projects
‐ Education mobile app, for 1st grade students to practice reading, math amoung others ﴾2016﴿
‐ Audit module for an airport managemnt software ﴾2015﴿
‐ Collaborative portal for nurseries, daycare and kindergartens ﴾2013﴿
‐ Collaborative management portal for condominium ﴾2009﴿
‐ Applications for social networks: Facebook and Twitter ﴾2009﴿
‐ Collaborative portal for sporting events organization﴾2007﴿
‐ Xml file builder for a Spanish pharmaceutical company ﴾2006﴿
‐ User management application for a Almada municipality IPSS ﴾2003﴿
‐ Customer management software for a local cyber cafe ﴾2003﴿
‐ Software to calculate monthly salary, based on daily hours of work for temporary work agency
Complementary university training
Logic Systems
Electrical and Electronic Circuits
Educational Psychology
Other programming languages used
Other interests
Sports ﴾soccer, swimming,
Open GL
Java RMI´s
Oracle Warehouse Builder
Oracle Express