How Enlarged Prostate Causes Dementia

How Enlarged Prostate Causes
If you have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, the odds are
good that you will be prescribed the most common drug for this
Beware, because a new study in JAMA Network Open reveals that this
class of drug increases your risk of dementia by up to 44% and
depression by a terrifying 68%.
The drugs we are talking about are called 5alpha-reductase inhibitors
A team of Swedish, British, and Japanese scientists used Swedish
medical register data to identify men who had been prescribed the two
most common 5-ARIs, finasteride and dutasteride.
They use the same data to identify men diagnosed with all-cause
dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and depression.
The registers they used contain the data of more than 2.2 million men
above the age of 50 who were followed between 2005 and 2018.
This is what they found.
1. Participants using finasteride and dutasteride were 22% and 10%
more likely, respectively, than nonusers to develop all-cause
dementia were were.
2. Finasteride and dutasteride users were 20% and 28% more likely,
respectively, than nonusers to develop Alzheimer ’s disease were
3. Compared with nonusers, finasteride and dutasteride users had a
44% and 31% higher risk, respectively, of vascular dementia.
4. Finasteride and dutasteride users experienced a 61% and 68%,
respectively, higher risk of depression.
This means that these drugs pose depression and dementia risks that
you should keep in mind when deciding on an enlarged prostate
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