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Ningbo Tekmax

Ningbo Tekmax Bicycle Co., Ltd.
FuturuX Global Limited (Hong Kong) was established in 2001 and is
engaged in bicycle export business. And in 2008, it acquired the
American Huffy Company (the American Huffy Company is one of the
three major bicycle brands in the United States, with a history of 100
years, and now has a market share of about 35% in the American
children's bicycle industry). The American company is responsible for the
research and development, design and sales of the front end of the
1. 56699 Marietta Beach Bike
56699 Marietta Beach Bike is a beach cruiser designed for riding on
smooth sand and hard-packed sand. Its lightweight frame and front fork
are constructed from metal, while the rear wheel is made of aluminum.
The bike comes with a coasting brake system which stops you when you
release your foot from the pedal.
The 56699 Marietta Beach Bike is the perfect ride for your next day at
the beach. Its lightweight frame and front fork provide just the right
amount of stability, while you coast along with ease. The coasting brake
system allows you to build up speed quickly, so you can zip through the
water without worrying about braking or slowing down.
2.76378-Ru-RMA Mountain bike
76378-Ru-RMA Mountain bike is a bicycle designed for off-road riding on
rough terrain such as mountain roads and forests.
It has wide tires (Alloy rim & Water Transfer decal), a solid frame (in alloy
frame), front and rear suspension and multiple gears with a shifter for
steep slopes and rocky terrain.
2. 54599 Nel Lusso Beach Bike
The Nel Lusso Beach Bike is a great bike for beginners and experienced
riders alike. The lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to carry from
the beach up onto the sand and back again -- just like riding a car. A front
brake makes coasting easy, as does the 11-speed gearing system that
helps you start pedaling without having to walk any distance, even
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