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Ningbo East Longitude Group Profile

Ningbo East Longitude Group
DongJing Group. Founded on 10th February, 2012, is a
private-owned enterprise which covers an area of more than
80,000 square meters and invests more than RMB 0.3 billion.The
company has more than 1,000 employees, includingover 100
professionals. Based on the philosophy of putting people who are
the valuable resources, our company strives to develop and
cultivate talents.About 20% of the staffs are sent to the outside to
study annually. Meanwhile, we invite senior consultants to our
company to provide technical guidance at the scene and we has
continuously achieved remarkable results.
The chairman Mr. Cen adheres to the value of“god rewards those
who work hard and great virtue can carry all things” and the
business philosophy of “being oriental classics and making plush to
provide warm for all who need it”. He leads the employees of
Dongjing who are diligent, simple, steady, studious and pioneering,
uniquely creating the core culture of company -- Green Camps.
Green is the symbol of Dongjing, which means green commitment,
green responsibility, green care and green harmony and
Dongjingrepresentsthe East China sea,which is vast, broad-minded
and aims high.
[Q:]How long can I receive your reply after I send my inquiry?
[A:]We will reply you within 6 hours on workday.
[Q:]Are you a manufacturer or a trade company?
[A:]We have 5 factories, and we also have our own international trade
department, our products are sold by ourselves.
[Q:]What products can you provide?
[A:]We mainly produce artificial fur.
[Q:]What are the application fields of your products?
[A:]Our products cover almost all fashion applications, mainly in clothing, home
textiles, car accessories, plush toys, floor mats, shoes and accessories.
[Q:]Can you provide custom products?
Yes, custom products are our main products. We can develop and
manufacture products according to customer’s drawing or sample.
[Q:]Do you have your own research and development
[A:]Yes, in addition to customized products, we will develop new products
independently. We develop hundreds of products for different market groups
every year. For example, two products we developed this year have also
obtained national patents.
[Q:]How’s your production capacity?
[A:]We have 18 production lines with an annual output of 50 million meters.
[Q:]How many employees do you have?
[A:]Our company has more than 1,000 employees, including more than 100
technicians and more than 50 engineers.
[Q:]How can you ensure your product quality?
[A:]First: we have fully implemented the quality control system since 2015.
Second: We have a dedicated quality department to oversee the production
process and the inspection of the final product. Third: We must conduct
self-inspection for each team after each process to ensure that the quality of
the products flowing down the process is guaranteed. Only in this way can the
quality of the final product be guaranteed. This is the absolute advanced
management mode in the plush industry which only our company adopts at
[Q:]What’s your Payment?
[A:]We will confirm the payment with you when quoting, like FOB, CIF, CNF or
others. In batch production, we accept 30% deposit, balance against the copy
of B/L. T/T is the main payment, and L/C is acceptable as well.
[Q:]What’s your delivery method?
[A:]We commonly use sea transportation, because we are in Ningbo, only 35
kilometers away from Ningbo Port so the sea transportation is convenient. Of
course, if your products are urgent, we can use air transportation. Ningbo
Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport are very close to us.
[Q:]Where do you mainly export your products?
[A:]Our products are mainly sold to clothing companies, foreign trade
companies, stalls, direct foreign customers, etc. We mainly exported to Europe
and the United States, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, etc.
To make high-end green artificial fur,let fashion enter
thousands of households.
To be a gobal leader in artificial fur industry (2024)
Values: Customerfist
sincere and trustwotthy,innovative,grateful
and dicated,win-vwin situation.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +86 574-63010000/63903702
Fax: +86 574-63903818
Adderss: No. 150 Binhai 2 Road, Hangzhou Bay New District, Cixi,