These Plants Ease Hemorrhoids (Better Than Drugs)

These Plants Ease Hemorrhoids
(Better Than Drugs)
Hemorrhoid treatments usually involve elastic band-type procedures or
other surgeries. These are painful, and patients are understandably
Therefore, it comes as good news that the journal Immuno has just
published a study revealing the amazing effects of a mixture of three
common plants.
They ease pain and itchiness, and many markers of using these plants
were better than medication use—without any side effects.
Hemorrhoids are enlarged, swollen, and often inflamed veins around
your anus or inside your rectum. For this reason, substances with antiinflammatory properties that can also narrow blood vessels are popular
Israeli and Palestinian scientists identified three plants that are used
against hemorrhoids in traditional Arab medicine. These are Alchemilla
vulgaris, Conyza bonariensis, and Nigella sativa.
Alchemilla vulgaris supplements are available, while Conyza bonariensis
is a weed that is resistant to many herbicides and Nigella sativa (also
called black seed) is popular in traditional medicine all over the world.
These scientists obtained a topical ointment consisting of water and
ethanol extracts of these three plants.
They carried out two different studies, one on people and the other in
the laboratory.
They first recruited 77 hemorrhoid patients ages 19–61 and split them
into two groups: 54 received the treatment and 23 received a placebo
They were told to apply two to three milliliters of the ointment to their
hemorrhoids twice a day for six days.
After this treatment period, the group that used the plant-based
ointment reported a big improvement on measurements of pain
severity and itchiness, while the placebo group improved a lot less.
In addition, upon physical examination, the scientists observed a
substantial improvement in hemorrhoid severity in the plant-based
ointment group, which was not enjoyed by the placebo group.
In the second study, they went back into the laboratory and tested the
ointment on human cells and on bacteria.
They discovered several reasons why it worked so well on hemorrhoids:
1. It was better than Ampicillin at combating bacteria. Ampicillin is a
penicillin-based antibiotic. This is important in cases where
hemorrhoids burst or break, resulting in open wounds.
2. It was better than phenylephrine at narrowing blood vessels.
Phenylephrine is a drug that is used to increase blood pressure.
This is useful because hemorrhoids are swollen veins.
3. It had strong anti-inflammatory effects.
4. It was safe, without any toxic effects against any human cells.
Thus, the ointment addresses several aspects of hemorrhoids, so it is
not surprising that it works so well.
The only problem, of course, is that it is not commercially available for
us to buy and use.
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