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Zhejiang Tianying Mechanical Seals Co., Ltd

is a professional manufacturer of
R&D, production and sales of mechanical seals, covering an area of ​​22,000 square
meters and employing 250 people. After nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts
and development, 84 series and more than 1000 types of medium mechanical seals
have been developed.
rely on high, precise and cutting-edge technical
equipment. The company has invested heavily in the introduction of automatic
mechanical seal assembly systems, vulcanized parts, automatic visual inspection
systems for friction pairs and automatic air tightness inspection systems.
Machines, laser welding machines, pressureless
high temperature vacuum
sintering furnaces, automatic internal grinding, automatic cylindrical grinding
and other automatic machine tools, greatly improve production efficiency and
produce products with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long life.
The company attaches great importance to research and development investment,
and has established its own laboratory, equipped with golden elephant microscope,
vulcanization detector, rubber aging test box, carbon sulfur analyzer, Rockwell
hardness tester, Shore hardness tester, Shore hardness tester, infrared
detection, three-point projection, light band detector and other advanced
equipment, with two 12-meter deep well water pump live test benches, more than
30 various shaft diameter test benches and pump simulation live test benches.
All-round testing of product tightness can be carried out to ensure quality.
No. 15, Middle Chunhui Road, Yong'An Industrial Zone, Xianju County, Taizhou, Zhejiang
P.R China
[email protected]