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Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology
Co.,Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise
which specializes in Internet of
Things communications, has hundreds
of self-developed products and
unanimously recognized by customers.
Our company has a strong R&D
customers with complete solutions and technical support,shorten the R&D
cycle, reduce R&D costs, and provide a powerful platform for new products
Ebyte is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and
development of wireless modules and industrial IoT terminals.
Independently developed and produced products include LoRa/WiFi Wireless
Module/Bluetooth/ZigBee wireless modules, 4G networking equipment,
Ethernet modules, NB-IoT data transmission terminals, industrial IoT
Own SMT workshops and assembly workshops, support OEM and PCB service.In
the furture, sales performance will double again.Ebyte became the
third-party design company of Texas Instruments (IT). Based on the
original organizational structure, the company created an international
business department, a domestic business department, a network marketing
department, a warehousing business internal service department, and a
Shenzhen office.
Successfully obtaining the national "High Enterprise" certification, the
annual sales have repeatedly hit new highs, and the good performance has
doubled again.With strong R&D strength and production strength, it stood
out among the many high-tech companies in the southwest area.
E18 series are all with imported CC2530
CC2530 is a true on - chip system (SoC) solution for 2.4 - ghz IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee,
and RF4CE applications. It can build powerful network nodes at very low total
material cost.
E18 series adopts CC2530 radio frequency chip imported by Texas instruments (TI)
company. The chip is integrated with 8051 single chip microcomputer and wireless
transceiver. It is applicable to ZigBee design and 2.4GHz IEEE802.154 protocol. The
module leads to all IO ports of single chip microcomputer, which can be used for
multi-directional development.
Relying on the advantages of wireless communication technology, many
industrial pain points are solved, and the industrial Internet of things
scheme based on wireless technology is derived.
Chengdu Ebyte Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
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