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Double Color Injection Molding Machine

Ningbo Beilun Highsun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Double Color Injection Molding Machine
1. With major and minor two injection components, can inject
synchronously or alternately through the professional computer
controlling two screw bars. So as to get the plastic products with
beautiful color;
2. Also can manufacture the sandwich plastic products, and the cost is
3. Can be widely used for PP, PE, PS and other raw materials in two color
High Speed Injection Molding Machine
The computer control system uses bus communication such as CANbus EtherCAT
to achieve full digital control.
The temperature control uses a dedicated control module with an accuracy
of 1 degree.
It has a power monitoring function to monitor the energy consumption of
current production.
The special single-cylinder injection structure greatly reduces the
amount of oil returning during high-speed injection and reduces the oil
return pressure during injection, thereby increasing the acceleration of
the machine during injection.
Graphite steel sleeve is used at the elbow link and the guide rod, which
is lubricated with thin oil and has better bearing capacity and wear
resistance. Give the machine a longer life.
The switch mode action is controlled by a proportional directional valve,
which has the characteristics of rapid acceleration of motion, stable
high-speed operation, and precise control of the position of the mold
The hydraulic system adopts dual servo drive control, which has the
advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and low noise, and can
realize the functions of mold opening and material storage
Based on many years of experiments and research, Haixiong Thin Wall High
Speed Machine series is specially designed for products with short molding
cycle and high speed injection molding. Excellent performance in terms
of motion characteristics, machine accuracy, and service life.
Widely used in the production of packaging plastic products, medical
plastic products, 3C electronic products.
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