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Ningbo East Longitude Group

Ningbo East Longitude Group
Company Profile
DongJing Group. Founded on 10th February, 2012, is a
private-owned enterprise which covers an area of more than
80,000 square meters and invests more than RMB 0.3 billion.The
company has more than 1,000 employees, includingover 100
professionals. Based on the philosophy of putting people who are
the valuable resources, our company strives to develop and
cultivate talents.About 20% of the staffs are sent to the outside to
study annually. Meanwhile, we invite senior consultants to our
company to provide technical guidance at the scene and we has
continuously achieved remarkable results.
Our Company is located in Cixi City (Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New
Area Ecological Wetland), a famous Chinese plush city on the
coast of the East China Sea. It is the birthplace of Chinese celadon
culture, the origin of the marine ceramic road and the departure
place of Xu Fu’s voyage to Japan. It is also known as the
hometown ofwaxberryin China. The company is adjacent to Ningbo
Port to the east, the picturesque Hangzhou to the west and
theworld-class metropolis Shanghai to the north. The well-known
Hangzhou Bay Bridge is right here which offerseasy access. In a
word, it is the place with beautiful environment,sound cultural
foundation and a profound history.
DongJing Group. Has become the backbone and leading
enterprise, the large-scale and standardized enterprise in
Hangzhou Bay New Area. We have introduced advanced
equipment, raw material and scientific and technological
talentsfrom Taiwan, the United States, Germany, South Korea,
Japan, Italy and other regions and countries, so as to study new
technology, research and develop new products and explore new
markets. Our fabrics are on a par with furs. The main products
including warp knitting series of fashionable imitation of wool
fabrics, hairless simulation of mink hair, fox hair, raccoon hair,fox
hair,rabbit air and 3070wool series, which are in the lead position in
the industry and are widely used in clothing,home textile and other
fields, with annual production capacity of 50 million meters.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +86 574-63010000/63903702
Fax: +86 574-63903818
Adderss: No. 150 Binhai 2 Road, Hangzhou Bay New District, Cixi,