Erectile Dysfunction Cured By This Spider Bite

Erectile Dysfunction Cured By This
Spider Bite
There is a lot that comes from Brazil that serves to boost excitement
and sensuality in humans, but the latest discovery of a Brazilian
treasure is by far the most interesting.
Nature has provided a way to overcome Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, in
an unlikely way.
For many men who have age-related ED, the problem getting and
sustaining an erection relates to the body’s ability to release nitric
oxide, which allows the blood vessels in the penis to dilate and infuse
the tissues with blood.
Side effect-causing drugs on the market work by inhibiting an enzyme
that blocks the release of nitric oxide.
However, the Brazilian Wandering Spider has a toxin that leaves men
actually needing emergency medical help for painful, unrelenting
erections. The toxin in the venom triggers a nitric oxide release to
Scientists have been working to harness the power of the venom to see
if there is a safe way to use it on humans. Not only has it shown
promise in aging rats, but it has also shown positive results in those
with hypertension and also diabetes.
This is encouraging for those who have been taking anti-hypertensive
drugs and are worried about the dangerous interaction of ED drugs and
their blood pressure medications.
However, human trials are still not anticipated anytime soon as a safe
way of testing on humans is still being developed, as well as
determining what, if any, other side effects of being exposed to the
toxin would be suffered.
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