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Blue Heron Insomnia Program is a unique online program that has
been scientifically proven to cure insomnia permanently. No, that is not
just your exhaustion talking – you did read that right. This might sound
shocking to you. After all, you have likely been prescribed all types of
prescription medications and sleep aids, sleep machines, expensive
mattress, and contraptions – you name it. Evidentially, they have not
worked because you are here reading this. Do not worry; they did not
work for me either, which led me to this program as well. In addition,
with all the scientific evidence showing this natural approach to ending
insomnia to work on almost everyone who tries it, I could not resist.
Here is what I discovered as I put my own mind, body – and sleep to the
Click Here to Download “The Insomnia Program” PDF
eBook by Christian Goodman
What exactly is Blue Heron Insomnia Program
Hypnosis is not new by any means. In fact, it has been around for many
years and likely because it is highly effective. Unfortunately, hypnosis
therapy is wildly expensive and it can be difficult to tap into the
benefits that come with sleep hypnosis when you have to drive to and
from a clinic. Therefore, to put it simply, the program puts the therapist
on your desktop, laptop, tablet or Smartphone so you can reap the
power of sleep hypnosis in the comfort of your own home and bed.
This unique online program is not like all the other ones you have likely
come across. No manual to read about the author’s story, sleep
insomnia, testimonials and other nonsense you really do not care to
read. After all, you are trying to fall asleep and reading a giant eBook is
not going to help you achieve that.
Therefore, Blue Heron Insomnia Program eliminated everything you do
not need while providing you with everything you do need to fall asleep
faster and to enjoy longer, better, more restful sleep. What is that, you
A self-hypnosis sleep audio file. As I said, they put the therapist right on
your phone. You simply download the audio file onto a tech device of
your choice, get into bed, play the file and follow through the
systematic instructions. You do have the option to opt for a physical
C.D. for an extra charge of $2 if technology is not your forte. It is
completely up to you. However, being able to download the file is a
huge benefit as you can get started right away and even achieve a
better sleep as soon as tonight.
Now, instead of telling you what I liked about this program, I am just
going to let the studies do the talking. This program’s self-hypnosis
sleep approach was put to the test and the results were fabulous. The
studies found:
• People were able to fall into a deep sleep in 12-20 minutes,
compared to 45 minutes without this program
• People were wake 75% less than they were previously, in as little
as 2 nights
• Deeper sleep is enjoyed for 85% longer
• Insomnia can be permanently cured with self-hypnosis
One of the best findings was that the longer you use this program, the
better the benefits get which ultimately led the researchers to discover
that self-hypnosis sleep files can permanently cure insomnia,
something that was previously deemed as incurable.
Now, you may be wondering what sleep hypnosis is? No, it is not like
the hypnosis shows you see on television. Instead, Blue Heron Insomnia
Program using a two-phase audio file that walks you through various
eye and mind exercises, as well as relaxation techniques.
Who is the Creator of Blue Heron Insomnia
A former insomnia sufferer, Christian Goodman, created the program.
Professionally, he is a well-known natural health expert and researcher,
with numerous health publications both online and in books.
As for the actual audio file, it is done by Dr. Peter D. Kennedy to ensure
a soothing and relaxing experience. After all, you would not want or
benefit from a frustrating or unappealing voice. Therefore, I certainly
loved this feature. Dr. Peter D. Kennedy is awesome, or so I hear. Pun
Quick Overview of the Blue Heron Insomnia
There is not much to explain about Blue Heron Insomnia Program
because it is an audio file. It is something that you have to hear in order
to understand its value. However, here is a breakdown of the two
phases that make up this program that will help you see exactly why it
is so powerful and effective.
Click Here to Download “The Insomnia Program” PDF
eBook by Christian Goodman
Phase 1
The first phase of the audio file is 25 minutes long. This is where you
are provided with systematic instructions on how to complete a
combination of eye and mind exercises, as well as relaxation
techniques. Dr. Peter D. Kennedy who has an incredibly soothing and
clear voice provides the instructions to you. Therefore, it is
exceptionally easy to follow through.
Phase 2
The second phase of the audio file play immediately after the first one
finishes, which is a huge benefit since having to get up and out of bed
to play the second portion would certainly be counteractive.
Now, this part is 50 minutes long and involves sound therapy. In other
words, where do you get approximately an hour long of soothing,
relaxation music that is designed to keep you asleep long enough that
you can slip into that restorative realm of relaxation and restfulness.
Click Here to Download “The Insomnia Program” PDF
eBook by Christian Goodman
The Verdict
Despite the program being slightly over an hour long, you really only
need approximately 12 – 20 minutes to reap the benefits, as the studies
show. However, even if you do take longer than that, this program has
you covered to ensure that it works on pretty much everyone who tries
Add in the fact that you get a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, and you
cannot go wrong. You are not getting the sleep you need to live a great
life and the sleep aids and remedies you are currently trying are not
working. The Blue Heron Insomnia Program could be the answer to
curing your insomnia forever.
Click Here to Download “The Insomnia Program” PDF
eBook by Christian Goodman