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Zhejiang Jinxing Injection Screws

Zhejiang Jinxing Injection Screws
Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Jinxing Injection Screws Manufacture Co., Ltd. (for short "Jinxing
Screws" ) established in 1989,and we are now become one of the biggest
manufacturer of screws and barrels in China.“JINYOU” brand screws
and barrels have been processed along with famous plastic machinery
manufacturer such as HAITIAN, HAIDA, CHENHSONG etc. At the same
time, our products export to more than 20 countries over Europe, North
America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Mideast and Africa.
"JINYOU" was awarded" The Famous Brand In Zhejiang Province" since
2003, screws and barrels with "JINYOU" brand awarded "The Famous
Products In Zhejiang Province" since 2004, and our company had the
honour to get “The Famous Company In Zhejiang Province”since 2008.
1.Conical Twin Screws And Cylinders
Material High quality various alloy steel of high-quality 1) Nitrieren Der
2.Exhaust Screw Of The Extruder
This is a small screw or valve that is used to allow air to escape from the
extruder as the material is being forced through the die. The vent screw
is typically located near the die, and it helps to prevent air pockets from
forming in the extruded material, which can cause defects or weak spots.
By releasing the air as the material is being extruded, the vent screw
helps to ensure that the final product has a consistent and uniform
3.Nozzle + Front + Screw Head
Hochwertige er verschiedenes
Alloy-Steel of High-Quality
1) 38CrMoAIA (JIS sacm645)
2) 42CrMo (AISI 4140)
3) Cr12Mov (JIS SKD - 11)
4) 4Cr5MoSiVI (JIS SKD-61)
Contact information:
Add:No. 8, Dafeng Road, Xihou Industrial Zone, Jintang Town, Dinghai
District, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China
Fax :+86-580-8053789/8052512
E-mail: [email protected]