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Jiangsu Kingwood Industrial Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Kingwood Industrial Co., Ltd
(listed in National Equities Exchange and
Quotations, stock code: 871765), located in Zhongguancun Industrial Park of
Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to
developing low-carbon,
Established in 1999,
has been providing a one-stop solution in
biomass engineering, animal feed engineering, and spare parts business for our
valued customers. Services of Kingwood include consultation, design,
manufacture, logistic, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales
service for biomass/feed production line.
Kingwood currently has ISO9000 and ISO14000 systems, certified by CE, and
has won many awards in the biomass equipment industry. Kingwood currently
has a large CNC punching center, a pellet machine assembly, a testing center,
a large embryo forging base, a production line auxiliary equipment
manufacturing base, a pellet production test center, and so on. Products are
subject to strict quality control from raw material procurement, spare parts
processing, heat treatment, welding, and assembly to finished product
During the epidemic, the Chongqing wood pellet project is one of the
largest wood pellet mills in China. Its raw materials will mainly be
wood chips and sawdust from furniture factories. The produced pellets
are sent to industrial boilers around Chongqing. Kingwood provides
the customer with the machine, while other processes are designed by
the customer.
We provide extensive support for customers with a professional team, to
manage your project from innovation, development, commercialization,
and manufacturing to packaging.
Address:#568 Hongsheng Road, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province,
(519) 8783-8999/+86 182-0527-6156
Email: [email protected]