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Ningbo Black Shark Fishing

Ningbo Black Shark Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Black Shark Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd is China lure spinning fishing
reel manufacturers and ultra light spinning reel suppliers, We are
specialized in researching, designing and manufacturing fishing reels.
Our production covers normal spring reel, surf reel, bait runner reel,
feeder reel, trolling reel and baitcasting reel. Based on traditional
technology, we import advanced equipment and employ Senior
engineers. We owned a multi-functional production workshop. Such as
mold manufacturing, plastic injection, Aluminium dia casting, CNC
machine, painting, printing and assembling. Our products are exported
to main of Europe, such as Germany, England, France, Ukraine, Russia
and etc. And also exported to the USA, Japan, East-South of Asia and so
on. We will do our best to establish long-term cooperative relationships
with each customer, and continuously develop new products to meet
customer requirements.
1. Black Shark HS Surf Reel
One-way bearing steering system
CNC carved aluminum cutting rocker arm
Enlarged front brake adjustment button design
Hollow out lightweight wire shell
2. HU Spinng Reel
Long Cast Spool
Micro-Adjusting Drag System
High Multi Stop Point System
Available Folding Metal Handle
3. IB Spinng Reel
Micro-Adjusting Drag System
Available One Way Clutch Ball Bearing
High Multi Stop Point System
Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
Contact information:
(86) 13858319932
[email protected]
Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, China.