Pure Natural Healing™ PDF eBook Download Free

Pure Natural Healing™ PDF eBook
Download Free
A Guide Book and Instruction Video That
Containing Meridian Therapy and Something
Called Qi
Master Lim & Kevin Richardson
Pure Natural Healing™ PDF eBook
Download Free
Have you ever spent hours at your work desk, toiling away until you
realize your back's become stiff, and you have an inexplicable ache all
over your body? Your eyes start to become unfocused and you cannot
help but count down the hours, minutes, seconds to when the clock
hits 6 and you are free to go?
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eBook by Kevin Richardson & Master Lim
Well, I have. Every Monday to Friday, I get up early, go to work, and my
only solace is lunchtime, which is not much because the lunch crowds
at food places are horrendous. I felt tired everywhere and could barely
stay awake until evening, much less go out for dinner with friends after
work. Headaches were the norm for me - I would get them in the
morning, after lunch, during the post-lunch slump, after work, you
name it. It was like living in a head full of bricks 24 hours a day. The
other day our boss announced a new scheme that awards a raise to the
most productive and upbeat personality in our department, but I was
so far gone down the depression spiral that I hardly even heard the
Finally, I just could not take it anymore. Instead of complaining about
how lackluster I felt, I researched on ways to make myself feel better.
Pills were not an option, as I did not want to be addicted to
antidepressants nor experience the many harmful side effects I would
read about it. I was looking for a more holistic alternative, and I found it
in a guide called Pure Natural Healing.
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eBook by Kevin Richardson & Master Lim
It is a comprehensive guide surrounding the concept of meridian
therapy, also known as acupressure, which is similar to the more
popular acupuncture. Unlike acupuncture, acupressure does not
require needles to be penetrated into the skin. Acupressure uses
massaging techniques to stimulate energy flow between the meridian
points of the body.
It may sound like some New Age kind of therapy, but actually, it is a
proven traditional method of Chinese medicine for centuries. What I
love about meridian therapy is that it cures the root of the problem,
and not just treats the symptoms like so many of the modern medicine
nowadays do. If you get the flu, the antibiotics get rid of the flu, but
they do not boost your immune system to help you counter the next flu
virus that comes around. Meridian therapy serves to get to the cause of
what is affecting you daily, such as stress and blood circulation.
I decided to try Pure Natural Healing, as other therapies provided
online were not comprehensive enough. Their instructions usually
involved complicated steps, and did not have many illustrations to help
smooth the process. Pure Natural Healing consisted of numerous
pictures with every technique mentioned, along with specific steps
written concisely. It even came with a video to demonstrate how the
Qi-Flexercise worked.
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eBook by Kevin Richardson & Master Lim
After doing the Qi-Flexercise just a few times, I saw an improvement in
my skin - my acne started clearing up, and my skin looked brighter and
radiant. My mom thought I had gone for a facial without bringing her!
Therefore, I roped her into doing the Qi-Flexercise with me, and we
were both amazed at how our health has improved so dramatically. I
felt more energetic in the mornings, and no longer had that heavy
sense of dread that used to sit on my shoulders as I made the mundane
commute to work. My mom started being more active in the morning,
waking up early to make breakfast and go out for long walks. (She has
not made breakfast for the family in years!)
My dad, seeing how different my mom's and my dispositions are now,
also pestered me to teach him how to do the Qi-Flexercise. It turned
out he was a natural! Without my advice or prompting, he watched the
video once and managed to learn it in one sitting. To be honest it really
was quite easy to follow, but I was so astonished at his progress
because my dad had never been one for exercise or anything fitnessrelated.
It is heartening to see how my family - and I - has become much more
cheerful and living healthily now. I have realized how thankful I should
be for having a decent job that paid my bills and allowed me room for
my hobbies, and I see now that a well-rested mind and body are
essential to my overall happiness. Since I do not dread waking up in the
mornings anymore due to excessive lethargy, my productivity at work
has increased almost double, and I have even started becoming more
social with my colleagues. Here is to hoping I will be getting that raise
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eBook by Kevin Richardson & Master Lim