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Extrusion Line For PET PP Strapping Tapes Manufacturers

Extrusion Line For PET/PP Strapping Tapes Manufacturers
Best solution for PET/PP strapping tape producer based on reliability of
the extrusion process guarantying the highest efficiency level in terms of
production capacity and quality of the final product.
Main features
→ BSET Extrusion, spinning, stretching and winding devices/process is
suitable for both PET(100% bottle flakes) and PP plastic strap each tape
with dedicated parameters and accessories set to suit best performance
both in automatic and manual strapping packaging machine.
→ BEST winding system for parallel winding of plastic strap in line with
extrusion, can take up strap from 4 up to 32mm width. we only serve
automatic version which has a modular and compact design for
permanent automatic operation in line with extrusion. One the
preselected of package is reached is wrapped by an automatic foil
unwinding group. The full bobbin is automatically doffed and a new tube
is positioned on the mandrel for new package winding.
→ Extrusion line guaranties the highest efficiency level in term of
production capacity and quality of the final product both for PP and PET
strap with several models lines, each one has own design with capacity
from 1200 tons/year up to more than 7000 tons/year
→ All lines are capable to produce all strap size from 5 to 32mm
respecting the most restricted standard of quality for dimension, weight,
breaking load, elongation.
→BEST STRAP extrusion line is designed, assembled and tested in house
to meet customer expectation and trust.
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