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Linhai Noshado Industrial

Linhai Noshado Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd
The company supplies LED lighting products with different styles and functions for
the market, including string lights, net lightscurtain lights, icicle lights, tree lights,
digital lights, smart lights
and other LED decorative products. The company ’ s
management system certification has passed relevant standards and the
international market access qualifications are complete.
In terms of production capacity, Linhai Noshado has a complete process line
equipment configuration, and continuously upgrades it to improve the production
hardware conditions. The company owns equipment clusters such as automatic
placement machines, automatic welding machines, injection molding machines,
and more than 10 assembly lines, which can release the production capacity
according to the production requirement and the annual output can reach 5 million
chains. Before delivery, the products will undergo reasonable and complete quality
testing and appearance screening to ensure reliable quality delivery.
After years of integrity performance and quality service, Linhai Noshado has
achieved stable market cooperation in Europe, America, South America, Australia,
Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and has been widely recognized by
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