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Pure Natural Healing™ Free eBook PDF Download

By Kevin Richardson & Master Lim
Pure Natural Healing™ Free eBook
PDF Download
I work at a prestigious law firm in the city. I used to love my fast-paced,
high-stress job, but lately it has been taking a huge toll on my physical
health. I guess I am just not as young as I used to be. Late nights at the
office have drained my hours of sleep to just an hour or two at the
most, so I have been getting terrible migraines here and there,
sometimes right before I am going to court. On weekends when I do try
to relax, I cannot, because my shoulders and neck are too tightly wound
up. Visiting a masseuse did work, but the effects only lasted a day
maximum. The pain only got worse on the following Monday.
One day I collapsed during court. The hearing was postponed and I was
admitted into the hospital. On the outside, everything seemed fine, but
when the tests came back, the doctors told me my blood pressure was
excessively high and that I needed more rest. My boss, Evan, who is
also a long-time friend of mine, insisted that I take a few weeks off to
recuperate. It finally hit me that I really had been working too hard, and
I needed help to turn my health around before I became incapacitated
for good.
Evan came over one day during my leave with something for me, and
was I ever glad I had such a good friend looking out for me. He gave me
a guidebook called Pure Natural Healing - along with an instruction
video - and in it were things I had never even heard of, as if meridian
therapy and something called Qi. I scoffed at it initially. What good was
self-therapy when even masseuses and doctors cannot help?
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eBook by Kevin Richardson & Master Lim
However, I was dead wrong. Evan had been following the methods in
this guide for a while and knew its benefits well. He was certain I
needed it. The guide came with clear pictures on how to conduct the
massage techniques on my own properly. I found myself following the
instruction, starting with the Qi-Flexercise video, which instantly made
me feel less tense. I began to feel hope. I looked at the contents page
and realized there were techniques for almost everything under the
sun: shoulder aches, migraines, lack of energy, high blood pressure,
even one to cure a cold!
I felt an overwhelming urge to sleep after the Qi-Flexercise. Therefore, I
went to bed, and had my first night of well-rested sleep in years. I woke
up with a deep sense of gratitude that I was able to get some deserved
sleep, and could not wait to get started on the rest of the techniques to
cure myself of my other ailments finally!
I tried out the exercise to get rid of migraines, and because I have had
such a good night's sleep following the Qi-Flexercise, I had no issues
whatsoever with the exercises that I subsequently did. For the rest of
the week, I did the migraine exercise daily and to my surprise, not one
migraine developed. It had been years since I could experience a stressfree mind.
I also turned to the high blood pressure exercise in the guide - several
simple techniques that help to regulate blood pressure and release
muscle tension. My shoulders were much more relaxed and did not
ache as much anymore, even when I used the computer for a few hours
recently. Then I went to my doctor for a checkup, and he reported in a
tone of surprise, that my blood pressure had indeed gone down! He
said he did not really expect such a dramatic decrease to normal levels
so quickly.
It has been about a month or so since I have started using Pure Natural
Healing, and I have gone back to work. I learnt to cut back on my hours
and delegate things to other associates, because if there is one thing I
could take away from my fainting episode in court, it is that my health
is irreplaceable. There is no point earning thousands if I sacrificed my
rest and ended up in physical pain. Every day I make sure to spend a
few short minutes on the Qi-Flexercise, along with the migraines and
blood pressure techniques. Occasionally to spruce things up, I do other
exercise for eyestrain and stress. I am finally enjoying my job again, and
feeling more fit than ever to carry on!