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Shaoxing City Decoration Electro-chemistry Co., Ltd.

Established in 1984,
(hereinafter, Shaoxing
Deco) is the first private shareholding enterprise specializing in manufacturing aluminum-based
surface anodizing processing and also one of the biggest anodizing packaging company in China.
We are mainly supplying various kinds of cosmetic packaging for make-up, perfume, personal
care and also aluminum packaging for food and drugs.
Initially our company developed its business through close cooperation with Shanghai Jahwa, to
supply aluminum packaging for China’s first high-end series of “Ruby” brand cosmetics, which
were presented as national gift to former U.S. First Lady, Nancy Reagan and British Queen
Elizabeth during their visits in China.
Since then, our aluminum packaging have earned great reputation and affection from such
celebrities and famous brands all over the world.
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No.24,South Door Outside,Lihai Town, Shangyu
District,Shaoxing City,Zhejiang,China 312366