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Zhejiang minlo Packaging Technology Co. , Ltd

About us
Coming From China Marketing To The World.
Zhejiang Minlo Packaging Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in the
beautiful Jianshan New District of Haining on the north coast of Hangzhou
Bay, covering an area of 40 mu and 30,000 square meters. The company was
founded in December 2019, formerly known as Shanghai Minlo Industrial
Co. , Ltd. , zhejiang mingle started production in 2021 in March. Mingle
packaging is a comprehensive packaging enterprise integrating design,
research and production, specializing in the supply chain of food and
beverage packaging and the manufacture of food packaging containers, the
main products include: Disposable Pe and PLA biodegradable drench film
Paper Cup, Paper Bowl, paper box, paper cover, paper bag and other paper
food packaging containers, while supporting the production and sale of
PP, PET, PLA Biodegradable plastic cover and food contact tools, etc. ,
zhejiang mingle is committed to meeting the food packaging needs of
different customers. In July 2020, Minlo packaging was selected into the
"Meituan take-away Castle peak plan" the first batch of degradation of
plastic and paper take-away packaging manufacturers recommended list; in
December 2020, mingle packaging again won the Alibaba International
Station annual "Jin Pincheng Enterprise" honorary title; After 23 years
of development, mingle packaging has joined hands with 4 industrial
companies to 2021 to provide food and beverage packaging supply chain
services to more than 6,000 outlets of 27 domestic food and beverage brands,
at the same time for 11 foreign food packaging buyers to provide 87
categories of supporting product supply. Mingle packaging has a
professional design, research and Development, technical team, adhering
to the enterprise development concept, for different customer needs, to
provide customized catering and food packaging solutions.
Minlo packaging with high-quality products, quality service, willing to
work with you to create a better future.
Customized Service
We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce
products according to the drawings or samples the customers
We have 23 years experience in paper products and plastic
containers, leading in automation, Low Labor and operation
Guaranteed Qualitywe
have our own laboratory and the industry's advanced
testing equipment to ensure product quality; high efficiency, low
wear is a prerequisite for high quality, quality is produced,
testing is to prove whether it is done as well as desired.
Customized Service
The R&D team can provide customized services for
different molds to meet the diverse needs of customers.
Our annual output exceeds 1.5 billion sets, can meet the
needs of customers with different purchase volume.
We are only 53 km from Zhapu International Port, and the
export is very convenient.
No. 122, Xianxia Road, Jianshan new district,
Huangwan Town, Haining City, Zhejiang Province
Phone: +86-18049873328
Phone: +86-15001705543
+ 86-0573-87898828
[email protected]