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Computerized tape cutting machine

Taizhou Jema Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.
Computerized tape cutting machine (hot knife) JM-130H
Fully automatic cutting, simple operation, wide application range, high
cutting quality, cold and hot knives can be cut.
high speed: It can cut 170 pieces per minute. (Take 50mm length as an
High precision: Each cut-off is monitored by a stepping motor to ensure
the high accuracy of each operation.
Smooth cut surface: The hot knife can heat-seal the cut surface of
colored ribbons and thin woven tapes, and the sealing is smooth and
free of burrs. The blade is made of high-quality imported steel and has a
long service life.
Automatic operation: Just set the cutting length and quantity you need,
and the rest of the work is done automatically.
Automatic pause: Once the material is used up, it will automatically stop
memory function: Before the switch is turned off, the set cutting length,
cutting quantity and cutting speed are automatically stored.
Micro cutting machine JM-60
JM-6070 micro cutting machine is suitable for cutting curves, small arcs
and small batches.
JM-90/100 is suitable for cutting all kinds of cotton, wool, linen, silk,
chemical fiber, leather and other fabrics. Automatic sharpening,
convenient and quick. It runs smoothly and is comfortable to use. The
blade is sharp and the cutting range is wide.
Computer belt feeding machine series JM-300M
The fully automatic computerized belt feeder is a new type of
multifunctional belt feeder used in various cutting machines, sewing
machines and so on. Using a micro switch device, the belt feed switch
can be automatically turned on according to the working speed of the
host. Suitable for different widths and sizes of woven belts, elastic belts,
trademarks and other belt-shaped articles. When the unrolled rubber
bands, trademarks, etc. are directly placed in the box or fed on the
ground, the device can prevent the rubber bands, trademarks, etc. from
being twisted and entangled. It has the characteristics of wide use and
simple operation, and is the first choice for improving production
efficiency, improving product quality, and saving labor.
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