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KB Series Essential Cabinets

Yuyao Sunpln Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
KB Series Essential Cabinets
Capacity(U): 18/22/27/32/37/42/47
Width(mm): 600
Depth(mm): 600/800/1000/
Verticalmounting Rails: 2.2(mm)
mounting beam: 1.0(mm)
Frame: 1.0(mm)
Front door: 1.0(mm)
Rear door: 1.0(mm)
Side panel: 1.0(mm)
Hinged door
Split outforward doors with two knobs, with buffer automatic
closing device, door open angle bigger than 110°. with 5mm
thickness transperant monitoring window. Able to install
lighting switches, roof panel emergency stop control device,
access control card reader, etc.
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Zhejiang Province, China.
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