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The Oxidized Cholesterol
By: Scott Davis
The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy™
eBook PDF Download Free
No one wants to stop eating his or her favorite food. Cholesterol is not
good for the heart and if your cholesterol levels are high, you might
have to stop eating butter, steak, and other high cholesterol foods.
However, this should not be the case as there are ways you can keep
your cholesterol levels healthy without dieting. All you need to do is cut
off an ingredient you do not even know you are consuming.
Click Here to Download “The Oxidized Cholesterol
Strategy” PDF eBook by Scott Davis
About Scott Davis Oxidized Cholesterol
Scott Davis suffered from a heart attack that left him feeling as if his life
was over. After being saved, doctors told him that he would be on
medication for the rest of his life. Either the medication or he dies are
not much of a choice. However, he chose take the medication and get
rid of them. This was the best decision he made since the blocked
arteries in his heart were almost clear a few weeks later.
Scott was active in the gym and had excellent health since he
discovered the secret that he learned from his old friend, Oliver. Oliver
once had a heart attack like Scott. One of his clients took him to the
German Alps for treatment. He expected that he would be on
medication and low cholesterol diets but was surprised that he still ate
By eliminating this ingredient, you can reduce plaque buildup. This is
why most celebrities and sports people never age and always look
healthy. They discovered the secret ingredient and removed it from
their diets.
Click Here to Download “The Oxidized Cholesterol
Strategy” PDF eBook by Scott Davis
Oxidized cholesterol might never be disclosed in public but it is
important to know what it is. It is more of a chemical reaction to LDL
cholesterol. If a large percentage of the cholesterol in your body is
oxidized, you will have more plaque buildup. Instead of trying reducing
and get rid of bad cholesterol in the body, you should try to lower your
levels of oxidized cholesterol. If you have high levels of oxidized
cholesterol, you will have increased levels of LDL. This is why high LDL
levels increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.
Almost all organic products oxidize when they are exposed to oxygen
including fat. When it comes to fats, some are highly oxidized especially
the highly processed ones. The worst types of vegetables are safflower
and sunflower oils since they easily oxidized. The healthy oils are olive
oil, butter, coconut oil, and others that do not oxidize easily.
If you eliminate oxidized fats and replace them with healthy ones, you
will reduce your levels of oxidized cholesterol and improve your heart
health. Cholesterol in your body can be oxidized because of different
factors that can be handled without supplements or medication.
Common Myths about stroke, heart attacks,
and cholesterol
Bad cholesterol causes plaque build-up truth: Research was done on
heart attack victims and the results showed that most of those who got
heart attacks had healthy cholesterol indicators. This proves that the
cause is not attributed solely to bad cholesterol. High levels of bad
cholesterol are an indicator that there is something wrong.
Click Here to Download “The Oxidized Cholesterol
Strategy” PDF eBook by Scott Davis
Using medication to lower cholesterol prevents
heart attacks
Truth: There are many cholesterol-lowering drugs on the market.
However, not all of them work, as some of them are misleading on
purpose. Massachusetts Institute of Technology did some research on
these drugs and found that there is no evidence of them preventing
heart attacks. Instead, the medication puts you at risk of very bad side
effects, as they do not address the underlying problem.
Scott’s Treatment
Oliver helped Scott change his diagnosis by focusing on his diet and
lifestyle. He told Scott what to cut out from his diet and what to add to
reduce oxidation levels in the body. They had a four-week plan to lead
Scott through the new lifestyle and diet changes seamlessly.
The results were that Scott was feeling more energetic than ever. He
could work out more and all aspects of his life improved. He could do
more activities in the gym without feeling exhausted like before. The
best part is that he could still eat what he loves without any worries.
After completing Oliver’s program, Scott went for another checkup.
His levels of bad cholesterol reduced almost by half and the levels of
good cholesterol increased without him taking any medication.
Click Here to Download “The Oxidized Cholesterol
Strategy” PDF eBook by Scott Davis
The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy
Since Oliver could not disclose the treatment due to legal and personal
reasons, they decided to tell the news differently. Scott created a
strategy based on what he remembered from the treatment he
received. The strategy came as a guide and worked for those who
followed it. Unfortunately, Oliver passed away in a car accident. This
removed all the limitations to disclosing everything.
Now, for $49.99 you can go through the four
week strategy that will
help you to getting rid of all traces of plaque buildup and give you a
healthy heart. The program can be purchased directly from the official
Oxidized Cholesterol website
website.. Through the strategy, you will:
• Learn the foods that cause oxidation in your body. You might not
have to stop eating your favorite, as you will learn how to get rid
of the bad ingredients.
• You will learn how to reduce your existing oxi
dized cholesterol
• You will get tools to help you manage the strategy and succeed.
Instead of taking medication that will not help you with anything but
increase your bills, you can try the oxidized cholesterol strategy. After
completing the program
program, you will feel and look better than before.
Your bad cholesterol levels will drop as you get rid of the plaque
buildup. The levels of good cholesterol will increase and you will feel
full of energy. You will improve your mental health and focus since you
will not have to worry about getting sick. You can enjoy a long life and
change the lives
ves of your friends and family.