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LK Machinery Co., Ltd.

LK Machinery Co., Ltd.
is renowned for our integration of industry, trade
and technology. We specializes in metal
LK Machinery values
product quality and customer feedback. Our products export to a
number of countries including Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi
Arabia, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, and Indonesia. We
have received several innovation awards from government and we
are also the holder of national patent.
We are a trading company which has our own manufacturing
factory, handling metal packaging machines, equipment and
mould production. Our goal is to provide individual solutions for our
customers, either a single product or a set of production line. Our
customer support team is ready to answer your queries. 100% fair
price guaranteed. We are ready to communicate with you about
any customerized products. We value your advice. We will finalize
production in high quality within given time frame.
We pay attention to every single issues during production. We value
product quality and customer feedback. We are confident to our
industry with our proud high quality products and better customer
service. We are ready to hear from you.
5, Huatian Road, Cengang Street, Dinghai District,
Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province
Call Us:+ 86-136 6671 2509
E-mail:[email protected]