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Slide bearing parts and Expander Bearing

Zhejiang BHS Journal Bearing Co., Ltd.
Oil seal
PEEK labyrinth floating oil seal structure, uses and advantages:
1. Structure: PEEK labyrinth floating oil seal is a two-half ring
structure. The back is tightened by spring hoop in spring groove.
Anti-rotation pin and oil leak hole are all one-time molded by
injection molding. Inner ring has four labyrinth grooves to seal.
2. Usage: mainly used for seal of pedestal type and end cover sliding
Oil cooler
The oil cooler used in thrust bearings ,that used in vertical
motor and vertical pump.
Oil ring
Oil ring for self-lubrication bearings ,which used for
motors ,pumps.etc.
PTFE PEEK bearings
BHS journal bearing producing water lubrication bearing,covered water lubrication
thrust bearing and guide bearing.
Material including PTFE(Poly tetra fluoroethylene),PEEK, UHMWPE,Nylon,which be
used for boiler circulating pumps,water turbine, ship stern shaft,etc.
Expander Non self-balance tilting pad thrust bearings
Non self-balance tilting pad thrust bearing has characteristics of simple
components, compact structure, good interchangeability etc. Its thrust
tile shape through optimized design, one kind of thrust pad can be
assembled to different bearing body, which can meet different
requirements of bearing load capacity.
Standard non self-balance tilting thrust bearing can be assembled
6pieces of pads,8pieces of pads, 11pieces of pads or 14pieces of