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Simple Oxygen Mask

Shaoxing Reborn Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
Corrugated Catheter Mount
Scope of application:
It is placed the larynx to isolate the digestive tract and
airway during anesthesia surgery to establish a safe airway
·The cover part is made of soft PVC material to conform to the
contour of the throat
·Built-in high-strength stainless steel wire, effectively
preventing the tube from flattening and discounting
·The product is made of medical grade PVC and does not contain
DEHP, which is non-toxic and non-irritating
·The body of tube is smooth and the airflow resistance is small
·The sacis soft and fits tightly
Simple Oxygen Mask
Scope of application:
Respiratory system diseases: such as asthma, bronchopneumonia,
pneumothorax, emphysema, atelectasis, etc., which affect the
patient’s vital capacity
Cardiac insufficiency: such as heart failure, which can congest
the lungs and cause breathing difficulties
Difficulty breathing caused by various poisonings, such as
carbon monoxide, barbiturate poisoning, etc., which prevents
oxygen from penetrating into the tissues from capillaries to
result in hypoxia
Coma patients: such as coma patients caused by cerebrovascular
accident or craniocerebral injury, which make the central
nervous system be inhibited to cause hypoxia
Others: such as patients after certain surgical operations,
patients with massive hemorrhagic shock, long labor or abnormal
fetal heart sounds, etc.
·It adopts an ergonomic design that fits the chin, and the
adjustable aluminum card can flexibly adjust its air tightness
according to the patient's face
·This product is tightly integrated with the nose and mouth,
which is comfortable to wear and easy to carry
·Used by a single patient to prevent cross-infection
·Made of medical grade PVC, transparent and soft