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Lanchi Heating & Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd

Lanchi Heating & Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd
Lanchi Heating & Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd
located in Zhuji ,where is nearby Yiwu,Founded
in 2004, we are the professional
China water air Coolers Manufacturers and
wholesale portable air cooler factory
, our company specializing in the research ,
development, production and sales of air coolers, Over the years, we gain
high reputation from home and abroad because of the excellent quality
competitive prices and good service.
Response to the government’s calling for “energy saving and
emission-reduction ”,we make our efforts to R&D and technical innovation
of evaporative air coolers, thanks to the advanced manufacturing
equipment,quality control system and experienced technical engineers, we
can finally offer customers “Lanchi” series products with the stable
performance in saving energy ,lowering temperature and clean the air, our
wholesale water portable air coolers exported to more than 20 countries
and regions , Including countries from Europe, North of
America ,Mid-East ,South Asia, Africa etc, used in different
fields ,including home, commercial and industrial areas.
Industrial Air Cooler
Home Air Cooler
Green &environmental protection, no CFC used
Small investment, only 50% costs compare with traditionalcentral air-conditioner
Low consumption, saving around 80% electricity comparewith traditional
air-conditioner system
Effective cooling method—in different areas, averagely4-10 centigrade could be
down(exact figures need to testby real situation and consider more elements)
Better for human health and plants;
Dust filtration—the dust filtration rate could be 80%;
Available for opening room for fresh air circulation;
Humidity adjust—water circulation is better for humidity change;
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Add:Hutou Industrial Park,Anhua Town,Zhuji,
Shaoxing,Zhejiang, China
Phone: +86-13923405185
Tel: + 86-575-87082210
Fax: + 86-575-87548311
E-mail: [email protected]