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Zhejiang Rubber Additives Testing Center

Testing Center
Rubber Anti-fatigue Agents Manufacturers
Founded in March 1985, As a one of the batch of township enterprises established since
China’s reform and opening up. Taizhou Huangyan Donghai Chemical Co.,Ltd is a famous
Rubber Anti-fatigue Agents Manufacturers,Rubber Anti-fatigue Agents factory,in 2005 with
a registered capital of RMB11.3 million. In 2002, we passed the ISO90001: 2000 quality
certification. In June 2010, we were licensed as Zhejiang Rubber Auxiliary Testing Center
and passed the ISO14001:2004 Quality Certification in July the same year, After more
than 30 years of development, we have transformed from a company producing single scorch
retarder into a professional manufacturer of rubber accelerators,wholesale Rubber
anti-fatigue and various processing aids.It is suitable for acrylate rubber ACM,
chloroether rubber CO.ECO and neoprene CR. It can also be used for rubber-plastic blending
materials. Holding the principle of “Quality Priority, Integrity Oriented” and the
concept of “Self-discipline and Social Commitment”, we are sincerely willing to provide
the sincere services to our customers.
product name:Rubber anti-fatigue agent PL-600
This product is an anti-fatigue agent for rubber. It is mainly used in tire carcass
formulas and component formulas adjacent to the carcass to improve the dynamic
anti-fatigue performance of the carcass, especially for improving the bonding force of
the rubber and cord after aging. effect. And it can effectively improve the heat generation
performance of the tire shoulder and significantly increase the mileage of the tire.
The general dosage is 3.5 parts. Used in tapes and hoses, it can replace adhesives A,
RS, RH, RE, etc., and can reduce costs and improve adhesion.
Product name:Rubber anti-fatigue agent G-108
G-108 is a complex compound of m-phenylenediamine and phenolic resin. It can
improve the tear resistance of the rubber, especially the tread rubber used for radial
truck tires and bias truck tires can enhance wear resistance and puncture resistance.
The dosage is about 2.5 parts. In the carcass formula, it can effectively reduce the
amount of resorcinol and corresponding adhesives, and maintain the adhesion between the
steel wire (nylon) cord and rubber after aging is better than the traditional
meta-methyl-white system, which is helpful to improve product quality , It has obvious
effect to reduce the cost of raw materials.