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Hangzhou Guozhen WanXin Coating Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Guozhen WanXin Coating Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Guozhen WanXin Coating Equipment Manufacturing
Co.,Ltd is a coating equipment manufacturing company
that integrates R & D, production and sales,
specializing in the manufacturing of powder coating
equipment and flocking machines , our company found in
2006, located in Hangzhou city, and the production base
in Jiangsu province, our factory covers an area of about 24,000 square
meters , we has advanced production equipment, supporting facilities and
a complete range of testing instruments.
We own a series of products under the registered trademark of
"WANXIN",which covers two main areas: Powder coating equipment and
Flocking Machines.
Powder coating equipment including: powder coating machines, Automatic
powder coating systems, Powder Coating booth ,Cyclone type powder coating
recovery system, Ovens, powder coating production line and various spare
parts for different brand powder guns.
Flocking equipment including: Printing flocking machine, Box-type
flocking machine, portable flocking machine, Spray gun type Flocking
machine and Automatic flocking lines and so on.
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Factory Address:
No.15 Jiangfeng Road,Binhai Industrial Park,Qidong,Nantong,Jiangsu
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Tel : +86 571 8692 6071
MP/Whatsapp: +86 158 5821 6626
E-mail: [email protected]