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Yuyao Shellyn Trading Co., Ltd

Yuyao Shellyn Trading Co., Ltd
YUYAO SHELLYN TRADING CO.,LTD. is located in Yuyao, Ningbo, adjacent
to the two seaports of Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port, with superior
location and convenient shipping. We are committed to solving customers'
troubles in purchasing, always putting the interests of customers in the
first place, and wholeheartedly providing each of our customers with
better services and better products. Because of this, our company has
achieved a good reputation in the market, and it is becoming more and more
popular and respected by overseas customers!
1.Zinc Alloy Hammer Drive Anchor
Introduction: One of the easy-to-use but unrecoverable expansion anchors.The nail
provides substantial holding power, and makes the bottom of anchor expanded and the
fifixture tightly locked in place.
Material: Zamak Zinc Alloy(Nail is Carbon Steel)
Applications: Medium duty in Concrete,Block and Brick.
2.Zinc Alloy Self Drive Anchor
Introduction: The self drive anchor doesn't need drill, but it’s unique ‘Snap
Lock’ feature provides the positive behind-the-wall locking and holding power of
a toggle bolt. During installation the drywall anchor keeps the wall material in
compression,reinforcing and locking the anchor in the wall,allowing it to hold more
than other auger anchors.
Material: Zamak Zinc Alloy
Applications: Plasterboard,Hollow board,Foam board,etc.
3.Nylon Hammer Drive Anchor
Introduction: Pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.High holding power.
The nylon hammer drive anchors are manufactured from the same high-grade and
quality-monitored material(PA/PE) which is also used for the frame fixing with
general building.
Material: PA,PE(Screw is carbon steel)
Applications: Concrete,Solid Bricks,Perforated Bricks,Hollow Blocks
Color: Customized(Grey,White,Yellow,Red,Blue,Green,Black,Brown,etc.)
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