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Matching Jobs and descriptions

1. An ACCOUNTANT …/… keeps the financial records of a business.
2. A WAITRESS …/… serves food and drinks in a restaurant.
3. A LAWYER …/… gives legal advice and defends people in court.
4. A FIREMAN …/… puts out fires and rescues people.
5. A MECHANIC / works in a garage and repairs cars.
6. A POSTMAN /delivers letters to your house.
7. A VETERINARIAN/ treats sick animals.
8. A DENTIST /treats people’s teeth.
9. A HAIRDRESSER /cuts people’s hair.
10. A NURSE /takes care of sick people in a hospital or doctor’s office.
11. A PLUMBER /repairs and installs toilets, water pipes…
12. A BAKER /makes bread and cookies.
13. A CARPENTER /builds tables and chairs.
14. An ELECTRICIAN/ repairs electrical equipment.
15. A POLICEMAN /catches criminals and keeps people safe.
16. A CASHIER /works at the cash register.
17. A TEACHER /helps students learn.
18. A SURGEON/ performs operations on people.
19. A BUS DRIVER /drives a bus.
20. An ARCHITECT/ designs new buildings.
21. A PILOT/ flies airplanes.
22. A BRICKLAYER /builds things with bricks.
23. A COOK /prepares and cooks food.
24. A DOCTOR /treats sick and injured people.
25. A BUTCHER /cuts and sells meat.
26. A SECRETARY /works in an office and types letters.