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Heao Medical Equipment Company

Jiaxing Heao Medical Equipment Company
Our products are CE certified. The main customers are wholesalers, Amazon sellers and
self-employed.Our company can provide customized and sample development services,
and provide customers with better product and service experience through innovative
research and development. Jiaxing heao medical equipment company has 2 coating
production lines, which can provide two different adhesive products for online production.
The current production capacity is 300000 rolls of conventional bandage products per
month. The company can also provide personalized customization services and small
batch customization. We can provide customers with packaging design, brand design and
product function design. We have a complete quality control process, through online
inspection to ensure that each batch of products are delivered in good condition, we have
a fast delivery cycle, can complete most orders in 25 working days,Customized orders
can also be delivered quickly.
Our products are made of high-quality materials with our unique production process. The
product quality can compete with famous products. We have high cost performance.
Welcome to Jiaxing heao, we are looking forward to cooperating with you.
A strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings
or samples the customers offered
Our own testing lab and the most advanced and complete inspection equipment,which
can ensure the quality of the products
Our annual production capacity is over 1 million rolls product,we can meet the needs of
different customers with different purchase quantity
We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.Our products are in line
with international standards
We can provide customers with different transportation options, such as FOB.CIF,FBA,
etc., the export is very convenient
n-depth research and development
activities to ensure product replacement, performance improvement
[Q]:How soon can we get a reply after we send you an inquiry?
[A]:In working days, we will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry.
[Q]:Are you a direct manufacturer or a trading company?
[A]:We are a manufacturer, and we also have our own international trade department. we
produce and sell products by ourselves.
[Q]:What products can you provide?
[A]:We mainly use sports tapes and medical dressings, and also purchase other products
for customers.
[Q]:What application fields are your products mainly involved in?
[A]:Our products are mainly used in sports protection and physical therapy fields, such as
clubs, physical therapy centers and gyms.
[Q]:Can you make customized products?
[A]:Yes, we mainly make customized products. We develop and produce products based
on drawings or samples provided by customers.
[Q]:Are you producing standard products?
[A]:Yes, in addition to customized products, we also have some regular size products in
stock that can be shipped at any time.
[Q]:What is the production capacity of your company?
[A]:We can provide no less than 300,000 rolls a month.
[Q]:How many employees does your company have and how many technicians are
[A]:The company currently has more than 20 employees, including more than 5
professional and technical personnel and more than 3 engineers.
[Q]:How does your company guarantee product quality?
[A] :First of all, we will have corresponding inspections after each process. For the final
product, we will do 100% full inspection according to customer requirements and
international standards
[Q]:What is the payment method?
[A] :When quoting, we will confirm the transaction method with you, FOB, CIF, CNF or
other methods. When mass production, we generally pay 50% advance payment first, and
then pay the balance after seeing the bill of lading. Most of our payment methods are T/T,
of course, L/C is also acceptable.
[Q]:How to deliver goods to customers?
[A]:Usually we ship by sea, and it is very convenient for us to be close to Shanghai and
Ningbo for export. Of course, if the customer’s cargo is urgent, we can also transport it by
air. Ningbo Airport and Shanghai International Airport are very close to us.
No.2653 Xinggong road pinghu City in Zhejiang Province CHINA
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