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Ningbo Hicon Industry Co. Ltd

Ningbo Hicon Industry Co. Ltd
Ningbo HICON Industry Co. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as HICON)-focuses on
precision and special refrigeration, innovative environment-protective air
conditioning products. Located in the Yangtze River Delta Ningbo Yuyao Simen
Industrial Development Zone, HICON is a professional manufacturing enterprise for
R& D, design, production and sale of special precision air conditioning, low-carbon
environmental protection air conditioning crane cooling unit products Company
covers the area of150,000m2, and has more than 400 employees, among whom more than
2 /3 of employees have professional and technical titles.
1.5G base station cooler unit air conditioner
5G base station air conditioner is an air conditioning system for automatic cooling
and heating control of 5G communication base stations (machine rooms) at the current
domestic and foreign communication development trends. In addition to RS485
communication protocol, remote temperature data collection of base stations
(machine rooms) can be performed. Monitor and supervise the status, and ensure that
the base station (machine room) has good stability, security,
packaged cooling
unit and economy through high air conditioning energy efficiency and quality
requirements. In addition to ensuring the normal operation of communication
equipment, the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction is achieved. In
view of the particularity of the 5G base station (machine room) distribution area,
functions such as high-humidity dehumidification, emergency ventilation, and fresh
air cooling linkage energy saving have been added.
2. Air cooled screw high efficiency five- functional unit
Wellcome air-cooled screw high-efficiency five-purpose machine is a high-tech
product specially developed for special occasions such as hospitals, laboratories,
high-precision machine rooms, etc. Reasonable marine cooling equipment matching
combination realizes high energy efficiency, five kinds of use functions, and meets
customers' multiple use requirements.
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