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permanent magnet synchronous motor

Zhejiang Chuangmei Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is located in Wenling City on the central coast of
Zhejiang. The company is a provincial high-tech enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in the city, and
currently produces various types of permanent magnet synchronous motors. There are two types
of variable frequency drive permanent magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous start
permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the Chinese energy-saving product certification
certificate of permanent magnet synchronous motor has been obtained. The power is from tens
of W to 200KW, and the various speeds of the variable frequency drive can be designed and
produced. The asynchronous start synchronous motor has 2, 4, 6, and 8 poles.
The high-speed deep well pump of DC brushless permanent magnet synchronous motor is the
first synchronous motor product developed by our company. At present, this technology has won
the invention patent of the State Intellectual Property Office, and was awarded the 2014
international pump and valve industry technology innovation by Rongge Industrial Media. prize.
Subsequently, we obtained 13 utility model patents in the application of permanent magnet
synchronous motors in the pump (there are several inventions and international patents in the
declaration). When the entire pump industry has not applied synchronous motors, we have
achieved so many patented technologies and are in the leading position in the pump industry.
Among the patents we have authorized, we include utility model patents for the application of
synchronous motors in various types of centrifugal pumps such as deep well pumps, pipeline
pumps, tube pumps, axial pumps, solar pumps, submersible pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps,
etc. There are also structural controllers integrated and built-in. These pumps are all types of
conventional pumps. After the energy-saving technology of synchronous motors is modified,
there will be excellent pump products that will promote the pump industry's comprehensive
Our synchronous motor pump series can also be directly applied to solar water supply. Solar
energy and commercial power can be input separately or simultaneously. Solar energy can be
directly connected to the power supply. It can automatically convert to automatic frequency
conversion according to the strength of sunlight, and does not require inverter conversion. Solar
energy utilization is higher than MPPT function, and the overall performance is more advanced
than solar pumps using other technologies.
In addition to the application of various types of synchronous motor products, asynchronous
start permanent magnet synchronous motor and variable frequency drive permanent magnet
synchronous motor are also applied to the power of other general machinery in various fields
such as textile machines, air compressors and hydraulic presses. Old-fashioned asynchronous
motors for energy efficiency.
We are willing to cooperate with all kinds of production, sales, use and functional departments in
the world that are interested in energy conservation and environmental protection, and work
hard to create blue sky and white clouds.
YT160-22-1500 permanent magnet synchronous motor
Our permanent magnetic synchronous motor works in full-automation when frequency changes,
which is a new generation of DC frequency conversion technology. Characterized by small size
and light weight, when speed is 3000rpm, our synchronous motor effficiency can be two times
higher than asynchronous motor with same specification, if 5000rpm, efficiency can be even 4-5
times higher. Our motor efficiency is more than 90%, which reaches the second national standard
of energy consumption. It can work under constant power, constant speed and constant torque
with quick reflection and precise control. We can see stable output power in the power load
curve. Also synchronous motors keep working in high efficiency from the verybeginning, which is
superior than other asynchronous motors. Efficiency of our permanent-magnetic synchronous
motor is 15% to 20% higher than thatof other single-phase asynchronous motor(including loss
from motor and controller), and 7% to 10% higher than three-phase asychronous motor. If we
equip three-phase asychronous motor with frequency conversion control, its efficiency can be
10% to 13% higher. See attached power load diagram.
Outline and installation of this motor is the same as that of Y2 motor in same specification.
YT100-5.5-3000 permanent magnet synchronous motor
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