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Zhejiang Guyue Battery

Zhejiang Guyue Battery Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Zhejiang Guyue Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2001, is a
private-owned enterprise devoted to R & D, manufacturing, sales and
service of lead-acid batteries under the control of Zhejiang Guyue Group.
We are famous batteries factory and China GEL batteries factory.Its
motorcycle battery sales has ranked in the front for nearly ten years.
In 2016, our company realized more than 400 million sales, taxes reached
30 million yuan. After decade of development, "Guyue" has become an
enterprise with great scale and brand advantages in Chinese lead-acid
battery industry. Company's various types of "Guyue" batteries are widely
used in motorcycles, automobiles, ships, electric cars and other
The company achieved and implemented the IS0 / TS16949, ISO14001,
OHSAS18001, CE certification, AAA standardization of good behavior,
excellent performance management and so on. In recent years, our company
presided over the drafting of more than 10 items of national and industry
standards of motorcycle lead-acid batteries, lead-acid starter batteries,
lead-acid batteries for electric road vehicle, plate for lead-acid
battery and lead acid battery tank, etc. Our company owns more than 30
national inventions and utility patents including battery, grid, trough
with independent intellectual property core technology. Our company is
the vice president unit of China Association of lead-acid battery branch
and vice chairman unit of Zhejiang battery industry.
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JIS Car Battery 6-QW-150
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Zhejiang Guyue Battery Co., Ltd
Add : No.9, Wei Wu Roada, Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Industrial Area, Shangyu,
Zhejiang, China ( Factory Address )
Tel : +86-0575-82152777
Fax : +86-0575-82152777
QQ : 1792188486
E-Mail : [email protected]
Homepage : www.guyueholding.com