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Huzhou Sennuo Fluorine Material Technology

Huzhou Sennuo Fluorine Material Technology Co., Ltd
ePTFE air purification composite material 02
ePTFE air purification composite material is a product in which the ePTFE
membrane is attached to various non-woven fabric substrates by
high-temperature thermal compounding and adhesive compounding for
high-precision filtration.
Test standards:
* Resistance (EN1822-3: 1998)
wind speed 5.33cm / s)
* Efficiency (GB19083 EN134)
Test conditions: air flow 32L/Min filter
test particle size (DOP): 0.1-0.3um
ePTFE liquid filtration membrane
EPTFE waterproof and breathable membrane is made of PTFE resin as raw
materials, through special process, like two-way stretch, using unique
technology for forming between 100-500nm in diameter of microporous
membrane, and per square centimetre has more than 10 microporous, which
is 700 times larger than the water vapor molecules, 10000 times smaller
than water molecules.It makes the membrane allows both air and water
vapour freely through the membrane,also can keep the water out of at the
same time.So it can protect the service life of electronic components.
Testing standards:
*: Air permeability: ASTM D737-1996
*: Water pressure resistance: ISO811